Continuous Hydration & Mixing Technology

Rapidojet is the most disruptive technology that the Baking, Milling and Food industries have ever seen. One machine can hydrate or mix almost any dry ingredient from a 60% Flour Biga to a 2% solution of Pectin.

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Rapidojet RJ5100


The Best Scoring Machine on the Market

Can’t find your high speed scoring solution? Complex crisscross and slanted designs obtained with one simple machine. No more blades, labor, or tilted pans that get stuck on the line. Want precise scoring? Boer is your simple solution.

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Product News

How to Mix Hydrocolloids Instantly Without Hot Water

How do you mix hydrocolloids now? Are you using hot water – and then cooling it prior to processing? Are you fighting to reach the right level of hydration in a homogeneous solution? Can you avoid lumps that gum up [...]

Reduce Tempering Time to 3 Hours? That’s Not Possible!

Now it is possible! And this is how. Arguably the most important step in milling grain into flour is tempering. It provides the correct moisture level so the components (bran, endosperm and germ) can be efficiently separated, allowing for the [...]

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