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Continuous Hydration & Mixing Technology

Rapidojet is the most disruptive technology that the Baking, Milling and Food industries have ever seen. One machine can hydrate or mix almost any dry ingredient from a 60% Flour Biga to a 2% solution of Pectin.

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Rapidojet RJ5100


The Best Scoring Machine on the Market

Can’t find your high speed scoring solution? Complex crisscross and slanted designs obtained with one simple machine. No more blades, labor, or tilted pans that get stuck on the line. Want precise scoring? Boer is your simple solution.

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Product News

Do Your Doughs Tail Out or Lack Consistency?

Dough consistency can make or break your operation. Solve the problem, and you’ll have less waste and a higher quality product. When your dough comes out the same time and time again, you can fine tune and optimize your process, [...]

It’s Time to Make an Impact on the Baking Industry

Having been active in the baking industry for the last 31 years, I wondered, “How can I give back and have the most positive impact on the baking industry?” Selfishly, I also wanted to promote what I believe to be [...]

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