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Truly Innovative Baking Technology


Continuous Hydration Mixing Technology


Rapidojet is the most disruptive technology that the baking and food industries have seen in more than 50 years. With one machine, large producers can hydrate or mix any dry ingredients up to 400% hydration levels at speeds of 7,500 kg./hr.

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The Best Scoring Machine on the Market

Leonardo scoring machine

Can’t find your high speed scoring solution? Complex crisscross and slanted designs obtained with one simple machine. No more blades, labor, or tilted pans that get stuck on the line. Want precise scoring? Boer is your simple solution.

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About Bakery Concepts

Bakery Concepts provides unique and revolutionary equipment solutions to commercial bakers and food processors so that they can grow their businesses by supplying high quality products at lower production costs to their customers.


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