How Well Do You Know Mixing?

The Science of Mixing—part of BAKERpedia’s Academy series—was held at The Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, Oregon. It covered mixing, hydration and the requirements for a good mix. Along with the chance to connect with bakery experts and peers, it was also an opportunity to showcase the innovative power of the Rapidojet technology. During the [...]

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Sprouted Grains: Two Problems, One Solution

The demand for sprouted grains is skyrocketing. Just last year, sales were projected to grow eight times their current levels by 2020. This healthy, natural approach to grains comes with a unique set of problems, however. Bakers and millers alike must find innovative ways to increase the production speed of the sprouting process, while ensuring [...]

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What? Use Less to Make More?

How To Make Better Products with Less Pre-gel Starch Pregelatinized starches--these modified carbohydrates are helping bakery products gelatinize faster and more effectively, while helping improve product quality. But what if you could get even better results and products, all while using less pre-gel--way less? New testing is showing the innovative Rapidojet mixer allows for just [...]

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Rapidojet: The Most Disruptive Bakery Equipment Technology for the Food Industry in the Last 50 Years

What we know about dough mixing has changed. Recent discovery has shown that traditional mixing in conventional mixers involve 1) hydration and 2) dough development. We have learned that the longer it takes to hydrate dry ingredients, the longer it will take in the mixer for the dough to develop. When we focus on hydrating the [...]

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